Source Group Awards Night

Last week we held our first internal awards night at McQueen, Shoreditch, where we celebrated (really celebrated!) the many achievements of the past year.

Our modus operandi is to keep forging ahead, always, but as the haze (or thick fog) of the night before cleared, it was impossible not to think about what’s gone by over the last year, or 2 actually.

The fact that the business has grown so significantly that we can even hold an event like this was the first thought…let alone before delving deeper into the huge achievements of the individuals who breathe life into the business each and every day.

All awards were deserved, whether it was leader of the year, best team or outstanding achievement.  (or indeed ‘most embarrassing moment’…you know what you did Mr H).

All the winners would agree that none of these achievements would be possible without their team, the support of the business, guidance of their manager or the incredible culture we have.  We set standards extremely high, and to see people achieving what they have is the most rewarding part for us.

We are proud of the individual successes of 2017, but even more proud of the collective effort of everyone involved in making it a special and immensely fun year.

Genuine thanks to you all, and let’s see how we can do even better in 2018.

Gavin & Lawrence