Check out our new workspace!

It’s a little over 18 months since we started Source Technology, and we’ve outgrown our office space once again.

What started out as a spacious area with spare desks had become a cramped, crowded environment, albeit with a great buzz.  It was time to move on.

Having been part of a community work space previously, now we have our own dedicated office space, so we’ve had full control over how it’s been kitted out.  Our reception area is almost as big as our previous office was, and we’ve got our meeting rooms back!  Not to mention our own kitchen, sofas, pool table, gaming area and even bespoke artwork on the walls.  There is a café/bar/restaurant upstairs, and we’re still in the heart of hip, happening Shoreditch.

The office is home to the four brands within the Source umbrella – Source Technology, XplorePharma, Scale Search and Picture.  Most importantly, we’ve got plenty of desk room, state of the art tech and systems, space to breathe and to pace the floor whilst on the phone – something we do a lot! Constantly on the look-out for more lovely people to join us, now we have space to put them!