3 is the magic number!

It’s 3 years since Source Technology incorporated!

And what a journey it’s been so far.  From two very excited founders working out of a tiny We Work office to the international, diverse, successful business we are today.

Here are some of the highlights and achievements so far:

  • Grown from 2 people to a predicted 32 by the end of 2018
  • We’ve helped over 150 client businesses
  • We’ve helped more than 700 people find a new job or contract
  • We’ve gone international! In our first year, only 4% of business was non-UK.  In 2018, over half our work is conducted outside of the UK.
  • To date, we’ve done business in 14 countries
  • We’ve doubled our turnover every year so far

But our favourite stat is that we have a staff retention level of 85% in an industry that is known for high employee churn rates.

Our people enjoy working at Source, and that means a lot to us.  It also means a lot to clients and candidates, who get a much more consistent, superior quality of service.

We’ve also had a lot of fun! 

From ghoulish Halloween charity days to junkyard golf, hosting our own Internal Employee Awards to treating the whole company to a trip to Palma, looking after our people is our number 1 priority.

Our Directors, Managers and Consultants, their knowledge, attitude, diligence and expertise is the primary reason for the successes we’ve achieved.  They work very hard, so we make sure that our office is a vibrant, energetic and fun place to be.

What’s next?

In short, a lot!

We’re set to open new offices, take on more people, add to the list of countries we work in, get shortlisted for and win more awards, expand into new areas of tech, launch a new website, put on our own events, create new partnerships, extend our networks and, perhaps most importantly of all, continue to learn.


We’d like to thank everyone who’s helped make our business a success, from our first clients’ who believed in and supported us at the very beginning to our network of candidates who have trusted us to represent them.

And it may be a cliché, but the biggest thanks goes, of course, to our teams, without whom none of this would have been possible!

We’ve loved the first 3 years!

And are very much looking forward to what the next 3 will bring.