1st year of trading – we have lift off!

On 18th September 2015, two very excited people incorporated Source Technology, the culmination of months of planning, and the realization of an ambition to do recruitment, but better.

We founded the business for a number of reasons: because we were confident we could make it work, because we wanted the freedom to do it our way and because we knew that clients and candidates want to work with a business like this.

One year on, and how did we do? 

Better than even we dared to hope.

From a standing start, we have grown our team to a headcount of 20, and it’s due to increase further in the next couple of months.

We have forged business relationships with some of the most ambitious, forward thinking, market leading businesses within our markets, becoming a leading supplier to many of them.

We’ve crafted a business culture based on a set of strong values, and started to develop a reputation for quality, service and consistency of delivery.  Yes, our personal reputations were already strong, but it’s extremely rewarding to see that reflected throughout the whole business, particularly when in start-up phase.

So, what’s next?

Never satisfied, we are focused on continuing to build on some great achievements in year 1.  First priority is to continue to support and develop our team, bringing on board more carefully selected experienced consultants, people we know will deliver the exceptional service we, and our clients, demand.

We expect to start working with more clients, move into more related business areas and to extend our activities further outside of the UK.

As we continue to grow, we’ll invest further into the business, into systems and support functions, enabling the team to focus on what they do best – talking to their talent networks and building client relationships.  Our ethos has always been to spend time really getting to know the businesses and people we work with, and we will make sure that this is always a priority.

Thank you!

As we move into our second year of trading, we’d like to thank all the people who have made year 1 such a success – our team, our clients, our candidates and contractors and our business partners.

Here’s to year 2.