Culture & Team

What It’s Like To Work Here

Having fun is core to elite performance. High-performance teams consist of incredible talent; people with an exceptional attitude, people who really love their job.

We’ve worked hard to create the right culture to enable our teams to be the best they can. It’s built on mutual respect, empowerment, collaboration, continual learning and openness.

It’s all about taking responsibility, seizing opportunities and supporting each other. Anyone can talk to anyone, we haven’t got a strict hierarchy, and we recognise that input from the whole team is essential to progressing new initiatives and implementing new ideas.

Our People

With top tier industry performers already embedded in the business, you’ll always find someone to offer help and support, brainstorm ideas or help grow your network.

We’re a fun loving bunch who thrive on the fast paced, energetic environment we’ve created. Whilst the team is incredibly talented, it’s their attitude that really sets them apart. We’re talking ferocious motivation and a cheerful approach to even the toughest day in the office.

Source Technology Team